V for Virus – Group Video

November 30, 2007 at 1:33 am (Uni Outings)


Now, before we start I would like to point out that this project is completely whack and Im almost embarrassed to post this up. The idea was to make a group video to post to YouTube, on a theme of our choice with our own content but still relating in some way to the course. The initial idea was great, a swat team hunting down the evil virus around the hardrive (The Arts Institute) of a ‘computor’. The idea was to create a balance between stupidity and seriousness so as to attract a wider range of audience. The idea seemed to be agreed, that was untill some hilarious jokester decided they wanted to buy ridiculous costumes that just ruined the entire idea behind the video. On top of that people couldn’t work together and tempers raised, splitting the members even further. Even worse though was the fact that I had to run around uni in a pair of white bloody Y-fronts with a sword holstered through the middle (yep, from swat team to god knows what for no apparent reason). The ‘Ninja’ virus turned out to be flipping catwoman and the whole thing turned into a joke. I think if we were to try this again smaller groups would be MUCH better, and once an idea is set it should be stuck to.



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Mac Expo London – 26th October

November 6, 2007 at 9:19 pm (Uni Outings)

Mac Expo 1

As a large part of our course involves using Apple Macintosh computers, it was important for us to visit the exhibition to gain further knowledge of equipment available to us as future Interactive Designers. Unfortunately, 2 weeks before the Expo, Apple and Adobe, the two main companies, pulled out, limiting the stuff on show. This was a shame and consequently the showroom became boring after an hour or so, the most interesting thing proving to be the beanbags round one of the exhibits.

After a while I did happen to find something of major interest, i-pod turntables, shown below. They used a ‘dock’ to fit an i-pod, and music is sent from the player to each channel, where it can be mixed. There are even scratch settings, making it look a pretty all round piece of equipment. Priced around £500 they are also very cheap in comparison to either traditional vinyl turntables and CD decks. The feel was smoother than I had been expecting, and they looked rather fun to play with. Unfortunately the i-pod used in the demo had no good samples or songs so my options were limited, never-the-less they were good fun, if not slightly strange to get used to. Really intuitive piece of design and engineering, liked hugely and would consider buying.

i-pod turntables

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