Bestival 2008

November 4, 2008 at 2:30 pm (Influences, Mixes, Raves)


Bestival…the best festival of the year for its size, if not overall, has once again landed on the shores of the Isle of Wight. And this year to make things even more interesting Mitsubishop and Duvstar will be throwing down a two hour back to back drum nd bass special to kick it all off! How sweet is that?!

Anyways, before I get too big-headed I’ll return to earth and give you the lowdown. We’ve entered the Island based DJ competition for a few years but never had much luck, this year was no different with a host of talent up against us. The rules were 15 mins, no more no less, to show the crowd and a panel of judges what you can do with some turntables. Our set was sick…and the judges agreed.

We were scheduled to open up the Red Bull 54 Speakeasy tent on the friday from 1 30 till 3 30. Originally we thought this would be too early for drum nd bass, but after 15 mins the tent was packed and the crowd was jumping…this had success written all over it. And thats exactly what happened, if anything 2 hours was not enough! Bring on next year…



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Not So Silent DJ Comp

May 12, 2008 at 10:17 pm (Influences, Mixes, Raves)

The Not So SIlent DJ Comp…So You Think You Can DJ? Saw this and thought ‘why not?’.  Turned out to be quite a good thought as I ended up winning so yep…bring on more thoughts like that! After a good first round I almost buggered it in the second, although to be fair the DJ on before me could have switched the fader over to turntables. Mixing on a mixer you’ve never used before isn’t easy at the best of times. Somehow I made it to the final and after a long wait with severe disruptions to the schedule I played my set…and won. Not much mind you, and unfortunately no regular sets anywhere, but hell…its experience aint it? And fun, when it goes to plan anyways…

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Scratching – Turntablism

April 22, 2008 at 10:49 am (Influences, Mixes)

As anyone reading this will probably know by now, DJ’ing is as much of an influence to me as a hobby. Music in general is a medium which goes hand in hand with digital, contemporary media. A form of DJ’ing which tests both the DJ and his skills is called turntablism. This involves all aspects of DJ’ing from mixing to scratching. Scratching involves manipulating a vinyl with simple sound samples on by spinning the vinyl back and forth while introducing the cross fader at certain times to create multiple sounds out of the one sample. When done well this is both highly captivating and interesting.

As a DJ myself this form of musical manipulation greatly interests me. I mix with a friend on 3 decks, 2 mixers. The extra deck and mixer is for scratching, and below is a quick scratch demo made by Mitsubishop, my fellow DJ.

Other videos worth a watch from my greatest DJ influences include:-

Scratch Perverts



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After Dark @ the Studio – Mitsubishop and Duv-e

November 30, 2007 at 1:17 am (Influences, Mixes, Raves)


For the first time in a long while, Mitsubishop and Duv-e took to the turntables at After Dark DnB on the Isle of Wight. Featuring a line up including the organisers Ricachet and N2O, G Dub and MC Herbsie. The recently refurbished Studio proved to be an excellent setting for a night of heavy Drum rhythms and Bass lines. The smaller downstairs room was a bit disappointing, although the upstairs arena made up for the lack of space downstairs. G Dub put down a heavy set, then it was our turn. With Mitsubishop on the cuts from the off the crowd were instantly listening and wondering what was to come. Not to disappoint, mixes flowed thick and fast for the last hour of the night. Well done to all who attended, great night lads. How long till the next time I wonder?..


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