PPRD 2 – Career Plan

June 12, 2009 at 3:19 pm (PPRD 2)

My ultimate goal is to own my own musical/graphical empire, ranging from event promotion to music production. This will specialise in many forms of media, mainly motion graphics, VJ’ing, music production, film and promotional material. Personally I shall specialise in music production and motion graphics, ultimately combining the two, which will lead into VJ’ing.

This course is the bridge I need to start my four step plan, as the qualification and contacts you meet in university and even from moving town can be priceless in developing potential. Gaining as much knowledge from this degree as possible is essential in pushing me to aspire. I think a realistic target for all this to happen by is the age of 25 in 2013.

Step 1 – Promoting the Partizan

As part of my professional unit, and self interest, I have recently organised and promoted a music event called the ‘Partizan Project’, with the launch night happening 20th June 2009 at the Empire Club. The event boasts 4 genres of music, including turntablism, drum and bass, dubstep and electro, and we have a range of well established artists playing.

As well as organising the event I also created the promotional material, including posters, flyers and CD covers. This is an area of design I have always been interested in, and one I specialised in whilst studying at college. Its also an area I shall try to keep a hand in throughout my career. The next step is to concentrate on some contemporary motion graphics aimed at promoting the event on the web, as it concentrates a huge majority of our target audience together in one place, and the better presented your ideas the more professional they look and the more people notice. I see this as a natural progression, demonstrated by my Motion Graphics unit. I had huge pleasure in completing that unit, and feel I did extremely well. I’ve always had quite an interest in Typography so this unit really hit home. Its because of this I see myself developing skills within the industry.

Step 2 – Learning new skills

The first step is out of the way, the posters and flyers have been printed, the acts have been booked and the travels been arranged, all that’s left to do now is hope the event goes to plan!

As the idea is an on-going thing, there will be many more events down the line. The second step is too learn new skills such as video editing and motion graphics software, as well as music production software, hopefully ending up with a competent knowledge of a range of applications such as Ableton Live, Logic 8, After Effects and the Creative Suite, as well as a range of hardware objects.

This should lead to a natural progression into VJ’ing, which is an area I’m still working up to. I’ve always felt music and graphics exist side by side, so this is an area that encourages me. At the moment I have a rudimentary knowledge of this side of media, and that’s something I want to change. Producing the music myself is also an important aspect of my overall goal.

Although I have developed my skills over the past two years of this course, there is still much I don’t know about a lot of things, unfortunately many of them to do with the area I want to go into. In this last year of the course it is imperative I manage to learn as many skills as I can, gaining a proper understanding of them to help expand my creativity.

Step 3 – Expanding the Partizan

Once the night has an established reputation around Bournemouth, the next step would be to expand the event across the country, starting with the south in areas like Brighton, Southampton, Winchester and the Isle of Wight, and spreading onwards and upwards through Bristol, Bath, London and even up to Birmingham and beyond. The skies the limit as they say.

This would also be the time to think about expanding into more niche music genres, possibly splitting the night to cater for different genres. There are many areas we can branch off into, the rave scene, the live music scene and of course, the electronic scene. Festivals are also an option. Generally creating the ultimate music experience.

By this point in the plan I should have gained a much better understanding of the new software I will have been working on and will be creating visuals, possibly light shows, to go with my sets. I shall also hopefully be well on the way to creating my own music, which I can then include in the sets. At this point I shall also be able to create music videos to accompany the tunes, which is another area the VJ skills will help. From here the company could also start creating music videos and installation VJ sets for promotional materials.

Step 4 – The complete Partizan package

If all goes to plan up to now I shall have almost completed step 4 before I start it! Basically, step 4 is the complete event package, a smoothly running regular event held up and down the country with the biggest names across a wide range of music genres. I shall still have a hand in all the organisation and design work, as well as creating my own unique live musical experiences where I produce an audio/visual set to showcase at the events.

But it could even be so much more than that, a complete promotions company, even a record label right down to a school for DJ’ing and developing young talent. For all this to happen would be more like a 10 – 15 year plan, but its possible, and most importantly, achievable.


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