Refining and defining – Case Study

June 11, 2009 at 10:22 pm (Refining and Defining, Research)

Sin City

Sin City was shot using all green screens, apart from 3 sets for specific shots, using a film noir throughout. It’s extremely stylistic and contemporary, and is possibly my favourite movie. The director wanted to translate the comic book as much as possible and I feel this is achieved perfectly; the shots look exactly like they were taken from the comic. Honestly, I love the style.

The film was shot using a High Definition digital camera on a digital backlot, and was one of the first films to do so. The combination of these elements makes Sin City one of the few live action fully digital movies. Although the film has been made primarily film noir, colourization is evident in some scenes, such as the red dress from the opening scene and the yellow skin colour of Roark Junior, the ‘Yellow Bastard’.

The attention to detail in staying faithful to the original comic is evident throughout, every measure possible has been taken to retain the comic book look and feel, every aspect is based entirely on the original. Even though Miller had no experience in directing, he was a valuable asset to the production of the film as he had the greatest vision of how the movie should look, he wrote the original.

I feel it’s Miller’s overall take on the film that really makes it work. The passion him and Rodriguez put into the movie is translated in the outcome, every little detail ties together to produce an engaging experience for the audience. It really is like reading the comic. If anything it looks too stylistic, which can put some people off, which I feel is it’s only downfall.

The film gained largely positive reviews, particularly online; James Berardinelli placed the film in his top ten films of 2005. Some said they have pushed comic book films as far as they can go now, which to an extent I feel is true, although it’s the style that’s more important to me. It’s just simply aesthetically pleasing. Others were quick to criticise it, saying it an “adaptation depicting castration, murder, torture, decapitation and rape”. At the end of the day, it’s a comic book adaptation.

Sin City grossed $29.1 million on its opening weekend, ultimately ending its North American run with $74.1 million. The film grossed $84.6 million overseas, taking a grand total of $158.7 million worldwide.



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