Not So Silent DJ Comp

May 12, 2008 at 10:17 pm (Influences, Mixes, Raves)

The Not So SIlent DJ Comp…So You Think You Can DJ? Saw this and thought ‘why not?’.  Turned out to be quite a good thought as I ended up winning so yep…bring on more thoughts like that! After a good first round I almost buggered it in the second, although to be fair the DJ on before me could have switched the fader over to turntables. Mixing on a mixer you’ve never used before isn’t easy at the best of times. Somehow I made it to the final and after a long wait with severe disruptions to the schedule I played my set…and won. Not much mind you, and unfortunately no regular sets anywhere, but hell…its experience aint it? And fun, when it goes to plan anyways…


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Clever Cherry

May 12, 2008 at 10:09 pm (Research)

As I couldn’t go to Godskitchen for my placement I looked at other options, branching into different areas of design for a broader range of companies. Clever Cherry are a web design company from Birmingham who caught my attention. Check out their site I really like their profile section, which uses moving images of each person who works there, along with a chosen song and other fun elements. These make the site interesting and puts them across as a professional yet easy to work with company. I feel this helps their image hugely. After speaking to them a few times I had originally arranged to spend a week with them in June, although unfortunately it turns out they may not be able to accommodate me over the time I can make it to Birmingham. A possibility I can still go but its looking like its back to the drawing board…

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Coldcut – True School

May 12, 2008 at 4:05 pm (Influences, Research)

A small example of some of the work Coldcut produce. You can clearly see the use of VJ techniques and ideology behind the video. I love the use of mixed media, so versatile and ever interesting, its use keeps the viewer watching and interested in every element of whats happening. Great video, well produced. Big fan of the Coldcut collective…

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Placement – Air Superclub, the home of Godskitchen

May 12, 2008 at 3:58 pm (Research)

For the Professional study part of our course we are required to do short placement at a company preferably of our own choice somewhere within the media field. Immediately I figured something within the promotional material side of design would be perfect for me, so I set about thinking of promoters and rave organizers/venues I could ask. Three that sprang to mind were Air Superclub, The Opera House Bournemouth and Slammin Vinyl. I e-mailed them, although unfortunately only got a reply from Air. I arranged to do a week up in Birmingham with them, staying with my brother as he lives in Birmingham and does some PR work for Air. Unfortunately 2 days before I was supposed to go I received an e-mail from them saying they were too busy to accommodate me that week, which was quite a blow to the placement unit.

Below are examples of mini sites for events being organized by Air:-

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North Form

May 12, 2008 at 3:22 pm (Influences, Research)

North Form are the company behind the Slammin Vinyl mini sites. From the look of their list of projects they have worked with many well known music companies, including Wildchild, RealPlayaz and Street Technique. The thing I like most about their work is the simplicity. The layout and structure of the sites never changes from its template which helps enormously with navigation. They are always aesthetically pleasing too, contemporary yet ambiguous. In fact they usually have every element that makes a good, effective, easy to use site. There are usually small bits of moving image incorporated within the sites, as demonstrated in the visuals taken from their online portfolio below, which add interactivity and fun too the sites.

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Screeens and Visuals at Raves

May 12, 2008 at 3:10 pm (Influences, Raves, Research)

Following on from the VJ’ing report I produced, it occurred to me that there are often visual screens at larger raves. This is to create more of an experience for the ravers, as live cams from the venues are often streamed on stage. This also aids the DJ, as generally people go crazy when the see themselves on screen. Apart from that content generally includes vivid, fast moving computer manipulated imagery and animation. Watch this space for updates on VJ’ing at raves…

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