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November 30, 2007 at 3:21 pm (Research)



Our first assignment was to create a web site on an artist of our choice, using a range of applications such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop. I started by creating a few brainstorms on types of artist to look at and content to be added relating to the artist, for instance if my site was on a graphic artist it would need to include content on their work, where as a site on a music artist would be focused more on the person and genre of music. I decided to create a site for a hardcore MC named Wotsee. As I am a big fan of raving this seemed to be an appropriate subject to base the site on. Content will include a short biography, a selection of imagery, and selection of song lyrics, a diary of events and a contact page. The site itself will be relatively small and could be greatly extended if it was actually being made to be posted onto the web.


The site map is to show me what and how many pages I need to create as well as to show me how the site will be linked and navigated. As the site is small the navigation should be relatively easy, making it user friendly. Readability shouldn’t be a problem as I plan to utilise plenty of contrast. I want this contrast to help relate the site back to the users/ravers who often see bright, vivid lightshows when they go to raves. In fact, I hope my overall design style shows this when the site is complete.

Below are a list of links to websites that have influenced my idea and design style. There is also a link to MC Wotsee’s actual web site. It’s a new site and is one of the reasons I chose to do my site on Wotsee. His existing site is pretty whack and upon looking at it I felt I could do more with it. Any site I have used as research or inspiration can be accessed here:-






Video footage of MC Wotsee can be found on YouTube and Google Video by typing in his name, although the quality on many of the clips is pretty awful. Additional inspirations and research can be found in this weblog under the categories:-



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Raverbaby 8 – Bristol Carling Academy

November 30, 2007 at 1:57 am (Influences, Raves)

Rave time again! Sweeet. This time it’s Raverbaby 8 at the Carling Academy Bristol. New venue, Dougal and Gammer live PA, the night cracked up to be a good one and boy was it. Straight from the off the tunes were rolling and the vibe was great, friendly and ecstatic. The venue itself was pretty cool, apart from the incredably bad mannered and quite frankly scary female bouncer (mate I would not like to meet her down a dark alley!) and queue for the smoking area. As for the DJ’s, straight dope. The only annoying thing was Whizzkid not turning up, but with Wotsee taking over the reigns we were still in for a treat. Live PA was great, not to mention the Raving wristbands and climbing the wall with our mouth! Great night, wicked people, incredable atmosphere, roll on Hardcore Heaven and the Tidy Boys! Oi oi!..




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V for Virus – Group Video

November 30, 2007 at 1:33 am (Uni Outings)


Now, before we start I would like to point out that this project is completely whack and Im almost embarrassed to post this up. The idea was to make a group video to post to YouTube, on a theme of our choice with our own content but still relating in some way to the course. The initial idea was great, a swat team hunting down the evil virus around the hardrive (The Arts Institute) of a ‘computor’. The idea was to create a balance between stupidity and seriousness so as to attract a wider range of audience. The idea seemed to be agreed, that was untill some hilarious jokester decided they wanted to buy ridiculous costumes that just ruined the entire idea behind the video. On top of that people couldn’t work together and tempers raised, splitting the members even further. Even worse though was the fact that I had to run around uni in a pair of white bloody Y-fronts with a sword holstered through the middle (yep, from swat team to god knows what for no apparent reason). The ‘Ninja’ virus turned out to be flipping catwoman and the whole thing turned into a joke. I think if we were to try this again smaller groups would be MUCH better, and once an idea is set it should be stuck to.


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After Dark @ the Studio – Mitsubishop and Duv-e

November 30, 2007 at 1:17 am (Influences, Mixes, Raves)


For the first time in a long while, Mitsubishop and Duv-e took to the turntables at After Dark DnB on the Isle of Wight. Featuring a line up including the organisers Ricachet and N2O, G Dub and MC Herbsie. The recently refurbished Studio proved to be an excellent setting for a night of heavy Drum rhythms and Bass lines. The smaller downstairs room was a bit disappointing, although the upstairs arena made up for the lack of space downstairs. G Dub put down a heavy set, then it was our turn. With Mitsubishop on the cuts from the off the crowd were instantly listening and wondering what was to come. Not to disappoint, mixes flowed thick and fast for the last hour of the night. Well done to all who attended, great night lads. How long till the next time I wonder?..


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Scratch Perverts

November 30, 2007 at 1:01 am (Influences, Raves)


Right, now as a bedroom DJ I listen to a lot of music, none more so than the legendary Scratch Perverts, a collective of 3 scratch DJ’s (Prime Cuts, Plus One and Tony Vegas) who individually and as a group have won every DJ title there is to win. Quite simply unbelievable. And believe me, for two whole hours they kept me in absolute awe, I honestly couldn’t move my eyes. They’re quite simply amazing, beat juggling, crazy scratching, tight as you like quick mixing and the progression to drum and bass, absolutely astounding. Easily the best live event I’ve witnessed, no other musician has ever kept my complete concentration for so long. If you ever get the opportunity to see these guys they are well worth their weight in gold, trust me.

n770440345_1564221_4728.jpg n770440345_1564222_5267.jpg 

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Adobe Creative Suite

November 30, 2007 at 12:43 am (Uni Lectures)

As part of our course it is essential to know how to use a range of software, possibly most importantly ‘The Creative Suite’, a collection of applications made for creating digital art. The package contains a wide range of programs from Photoshop and InDesign to web related products like Dreamweaver and Flash. I am familiar with large parts of The Creative Suite, though recently we have been looking at After Effects, which is new to me. On first impressions the application looks exciting, enabling the user to animate still 2D and 3D images. Audio and video can also be used. The format reminds me of a mix between Maya 8, Flash and Director. From even a simple play with the tools available I can tell this will be an interesting program to utilise within my design work and I am looking forward to learning how to use it. 

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Lightshows and Lasers

November 7, 2007 at 12:28 am (Influences, Raves)

Lasers 1

The one thing I can truely say astounds me at big raves is the simply amazing lights shows. The range of lasers and colours mixed with the speed and excitment of modern dance music makes for an unforgetable experience, ‘The 21st Century rush you can’t touch’ as quoted by MC Storm. And really, its amazing. I mean unreal. Not good if you suffer from epilepsy but otherwise euphoric. They complete the experience and make for unforgetable nights out. Its a field I’d quite like to try out myself, taking it to the next level with other developments to create the ultimate imteractive raving experience. Criteria allowing, I may well try to create a light show as part of a unit.

Lasers 2

Lasers 3

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Current TV with Davide Scalenghe

November 6, 2007 at 11:50 pm (Uni Lectures)

Current TV

Current Tv is an independant international TV network created by, for and with the audience. It airs online, as well as a freeview channel on Sky (229) and Virgin Media (155) and a host of American networks. Developed by none other than Al Gore (yes I was shocked at first as well), and entrepreneur Joel Hyatt, it was launched on the 1st of August 2005 in the US and on the 12th of March 2007 in the UK. Altogether it reaches a total of 52 million homes.

The idea is to show users the world from the point of view of any normal person, an insight into the world from individuals. It relies largely on ‘Viewer Created Content’ (VC2), which is video provided by the users, making up about a third of its overall content, as well as adding the huge advantage of interactivity to the concept. Videos used are paid for, with prices ranging from £500 to £2,500. Some argue this is too much to pay for the footage, but in my opinion its still much less than TV companies pay to commission rubbish TV programmes and can sometimes actually have an point to it rather than just filling gaps. They are open to anyone wishing to produce ‘pods’ and can be contacted at:-


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Westfest 2007 – 27th October

November 6, 2007 at 9:35 pm (Raves)

Lasers 3

Westfest 07

Time again for another massive event from Slammin Vinyl, this time located at the Bath and West Showground, westfest was billed for a long time to be the event of the year. After finally arriving, in a double decker of course, the first thing that struck me was the queue. One line for girls, another for blokes. This wouldn’t have been so bad had the blokes line moved as fast as the girls. After finally making it in and finding the crew, the night had begun and all was merry.

The event was split into 7 arenas, ranging from Hardcore Heaven to Bionic and Slinky’s with a main stage in the middle. Admittedly I only made it to 3 arenas, Hardcore, Drum and Bass and the main stage, but only because I was havin to much fun! Absolutely stompin night spent with a great bunch of people, what more can you ask for?..

Lasers 2

Lasers 1

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Mac Expo London – 26th October

November 6, 2007 at 9:19 pm (Uni Outings)

Mac Expo 1

As a large part of our course involves using Apple Macintosh computers, it was important for us to visit the exhibition to gain further knowledge of equipment available to us as future Interactive Designers. Unfortunately, 2 weeks before the Expo, Apple and Adobe, the two main companies, pulled out, limiting the stuff on show. This was a shame and consequently the showroom became boring after an hour or so, the most interesting thing proving to be the beanbags round one of the exhibits.

After a while I did happen to find something of major interest, i-pod turntables, shown below. They used a ‘dock’ to fit an i-pod, and music is sent from the player to each channel, where it can be mixed. There are even scratch settings, making it look a pretty all round piece of equipment. Priced around £500 they are also very cheap in comparison to either traditional vinyl turntables and CD decks. The feel was smoother than I had been expecting, and they looked rather fun to play with. Unfortunately the i-pod used in the demo had no good samples or songs so my options were limited, never-the-less they were good fun, if not slightly strange to get used to. Really intuitive piece of design and engineering, liked hugely and would consider buying.

i-pod turntables

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